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❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈
first single from new album via Last Gang / Secret Songs

A) Snow In Newark (with Dawn Golden)
B) Body Pillow (with Ricky Eat Acid)

artwork ::
❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈ ❄ ✈

Played — 70,715 times
Trackname — Champagne Coast
Artist — Blood Orange
Album — Palo Alto Soundtrack
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léa seydoux behind the scenes of blue is the warmest color 


léa seydoux behind the scenes of blue is the warmest color 

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I want to sleep by (gamersgoddess)

I want to sleep by (gamersgoddess)

a song about missing her, cold beaches, kittens, running hugs, calculus and fruit salad.

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stop and turn by sippo2000 on Flickr.
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Square Enix has been notoriously quiet about Final Fantasy XV (previously Final Fantasy Versus XIII) in the…I think it’s been 8 years since it’s been announced, but they finally opened up…a bit, about it at this year’s TGS with a trailer showing some gameplay and cutscenes.

Interestingly, Tetsuya Nomura, who was previously attached to the project as director, has been replaced by Hajime Tabata (known for Final Fantasy Type-0, Crisis Core). Nomura is currently focusing on other projects, mainly Kingdom Hearts III (another game that’s been kept under wraps by Square Enix, but at least we know it’s being worked on now).

Tabata has expressed that FFXV will focus on brotherhood, which can sorta be seen in the footage of this trailer and this recently released official artwork (cute, they’re having a little roadside barbecue). I think he also mentioned that it’s going to be like a “road trip movie”…which can also be seen with the car and all of them huddled in it. 

No news of a release date has been announced yet as the game is still well under development, but there will be a playable demo called Episode Duscae that’ll come with the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD next march. 

Looks pretty fun, and I’m excited for it!

- Julz

bruh this looks raw as fuck

bless da gods mane


having a crush on someone


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You are Arya of Winterfell, daughter of the North. You told me you could be strong. You have the wolf blood in you.

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